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DS3 requires fiber or other forms of special wiring to reach each business location. This is very important because new customers, or customers considering upgrading from t1, bonded t1, or ethernet over copper, must pay for this wiring (build-out cost) before their building can receive t3 or OC circuits. Buildings which are connected to fiber, and therefore able to receive DS3 are referred to as being “lit”. It is not uncommon for customers to fail to plan for this unexpected upfront cost when planning the installation of DS3. Build-out often costs tens of thousands of dollars.  

DS3 MPLS networks are better suited for networking more than two locations than point-to-point circuits. This is because MPLS facilitates any-to-any location networking rather than requiring a separate circuit for each two locations required by point-to-point networks. Also, with Class of Service (CoS) MPLS can prioritize applications. With CoS, applications such as routine data transfer, voice, and video can be efficiently implemented simultaneously over one bandwidth pipe, without interfering with each other. MPLS is a major advancement when compared networks based on point-to-point or frame relay.  

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